Don’t quit your resolution early, take 54D ON Step 2 and change your life, says Omar Yunes.

In September, 54D announced the release of Step 2 for its online program. This exciting announcement meant more daily workouts and advanced nutrition programs for existing members who wished to continue changes towards a healthy lifestyle.

The 9-week program will allow members to continue on in their journey with a second step.

Omar Yunes recently spoke up about how this option is perfect for anyone with a New Year’s resolution. “The first session is wrapping up, and people are now facing a question about how they will move forward,” he says. “With 5D ON Step 2, the Step 1 participants can jump right into their next session without missing a beat. We are extremely excited to offer this online program for members who can’t attend the in-person sessions.”

“Everything about Step 2 is more intense. The workouts are tougher; the nutritional guidelines are more complex. Everything was designed to challenge participants to train like a ‘PRO’ and always be better than yesterday,” said Rodrigo Garduño, founder of 54D. “After completing the original 54D ON program, our graduates have all the basics down. We now wanted to create a program that would take them to the next level in every aspect of their fitness journey.”

Omar Yunes says this is the perfect way to transition into the next phase and crush New Year’s resolutions. Loyal customers who participated in more than one of the original 54D ON programs were given discounts for Step 2. The program has a no-excuses approach to fitness, requiring an intense commitment. “We require our participants to be fully invested,” says Omar Yunes. “We want to make sure the entire group is pushing hard—you can’t have the same push if only part of the class is fully committed. Everyone has to buy-in for the kind of atmosphere we want at 54D. It’s life-changing.”

The program was started during pandemic lockdowns, resulting in over 35,000 live participants and another 150,000 streaming later. In 2021, the group brought on the Step 2 program for those who had already graduated from the first Step. Each part of the program is a 9-week course with high-intensity training regimens, custom nutrition, recovery therapy and a great community of like-minded people.

Former professional athlete Rodrigo Garduño built the system to provide a top-level training program for anyone willing to put in the work and show up consistently. Omar Yunes saw the value of the program and joined as CEO, bringing two locations to the Miami area.

Most people struggle to keep up with their New Year’s resolution after February or March, Yunes says. The trick is creating a plan that helps keep you on track. He recommends a program, like 54D ON, that can be done from home. Setting goals will help with success, he says. Rather than letting a resolution fizzle out, he says joining Step 1 or Step 2 of the ON program from 54D is the right way to make a lifestyle change and create new habits.