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Becoming a Personal Fitness Coach – The Internet Way! Huh?

Becoming a personal fitness coach for many starting about 2 years ago has a whole different kind of twist to it, if you are speaking about doing it online. In the online model which is quite revolutionary one is just designated as a “personal coach”. Technology such as the internet has provided huge opportunities for people to get fit, stay fit and make some serious cash along the way.

Special Note: If you are one of those you are looking for a personal fitness coach then might I suggest looking into becoming a personal fitness coach for yourself and look at the potential of helping other get fit as you are getting fit.

We all have recommended a product or service to someone along the way in life. This is no different! The idea is that since you are getting fit and healthy, you can become a shining star example to others and get compensated for it!

No Special Education: No special degrees, education or certifications are required for becoming a personal fitness coach and the extra income that it could generate for you can be represented by quite a dramatic increase in income to you bank account!

24 hour Product Store: The true power behind taking advantage of what the internet now offers is that you will also be provided with a 24 hour fully operational store for your customers to buy from. And, of course you can buy you health product and a severe discount, since it is your store!

Ready to Go Help: For you as well as others that you may refer they will have access to online menus, diets, special insider tips, videos and a whole array of fitness and help oriented products, goods and services that could you and your customers get blow out result!

An Income for You: Most such opportunities pay you on the basis that as long as you have customers buying from you, they are permanently yours! But, hold on a minute it could get even better for you!

Customers Provided: Yes, you read that right! IF you qualify some of these new and refreshing opportunities give you customers every month who are already buying product. This obviously is quite exceptional!

What Is A Life Fitness Coach?

To clarify the role of a life fitness coach is, it is important to understand the purpose of a Life Coach. Regardless of what you believe today, your world and everything and eveyone in it, is dictated by the choices you make every moment of everyday, consciously and more importantly unconsciously. An expert life coach will help you achieve higher awareness of your personal and professional thought patterns, choices, behaviors and resultant outcomes. There are laws which govern your life and everyone elses. These laws are irrefutable, unbreakable and applied equitably to everyone. Yes, everyone, no ifs-ands-or-buts, period. These laws are not subject to human interpretation, governments or anything else. They are the Universal Laws of life.

Ignorance of the laws doesn’t mean that they don’t apply to you. A life coach guides you and helps you in learning and applying these Universal Laws to achieve what you want in your life. Your coach may not openly define and describe these laws to you, but the techniques used to apply these laws are also universal in nature. So if you learn to use the tools and techniques for harnessing the power of the Universal Laws, you grow in the knowledge and power that you can control all aspects of your life. As a natural by-product of consciously using knowledge and power comes mental, spiritual and physical health, wellness, balance, power and age-less vitality. All of which create peace and harmony in your life.

The major stumbling block to manifesting what you want in your life are your beliefs. Unless you clear yourself of destructive limiting beliefs, you will not be able to harness and unleash your true potential. A good coach become your partner and helps you identify your limiting beliefs, clarify who you are and what you want and then helps you develop a new beliefs blueprint for your life which enables you to shift your focus from what you don’t want to what you do want to achieve in your life. Once you are crystal clear on what you want, then your and your life coach partner to create a success plan, including setting goals, developing action plans and identifying potential obstacles. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, a life coach provides continuous guidance, mentoring, motivation, support and unsurpassed accountability.

Much like a life coach, a life fitness coach guides you through a personal growth process by teaching you the tools and techniques to put the Universal Laws into action as you chose by helping you clarify exactly what you want to accomplish specifically in the area of your overall fitness, while also training you on the proper techniques to achieve your desired fitness goals. A life fitness coach incorporates more than just creating training routines and recommending nutritional plans. A life fitness coach takes a holistic approach to your fitness. You will learn how to overcome life long obstacles and limiting beliefs about your level of fitness, discover that anything is possible, and gain complete clarity of your fitness goals. Your life fitness coach will also help you develop a training and nutritional program that is in complete alignment with your fitness goals.

Finally, a good life fitness coach is your fitness partner and is there to provide you with unsurpassed guidance, support, training, mentoring, motivation and accountability every step of the way along the path to achieving your desired fitness results. To ensure that you are receiving the best possible fitness coaching, it is suggested that you look for a life fitness coach that is both a certified personal trainer through a reputable organization and a certified life coach.

Personal Fitness Coach – New Online Opportunities For the Taking!

In my work over the years as a personal fitness coach, my passion of helping people get fit and healthy for the most part had a limited amount of income that I could make because it was based on how many people I could help in a 24 hour period!

I mean sometimes depending on what was taking place in my life it seemed like I was running around way too much and dealing with too many scheduling issues to truly make huge income. That is NOT healthy for anyone! The stress would get huge at times!

Truthfully, I do it because I love it, but making more money would be nice. Let’s face it; we all have dreams to varying degrees of being financially strong; right? As a personal fitness coach doing things the old way, I was always limited to how much I could make without question.

Truth and Reality: Without a whole lot of thinking, you know what I am talking about in a major big-time way! Then it again, if you are like me since you love it so much you just deal with what it pays and keep on helping people.

Under Our Noses: the industry has been changing and moving towards a new kind of personal fitness coach platform that works online. Freaked me out, when I first learned of it! But, the bottom-line is that I am still helping people the way that I like to, but the financial gains are much stronger with such a new online business model.

Now, the income takes on a whole different way of materializing and it keeps coming at you, which is very nice. The truth of the matter is that some of these new innovative ideas taking advantage of online coaching can dramatically change your life.

Customers provided: Well in the some of the review opportunities in this area. When you qualify, they are going to give you a few purchasing customers every month! Yeah, you read that right!

Final Words: I am saying to you with everything I know. If you like the idea of being a personal fitness coach, then you have got to open your eyes to some new things taking place all around us for expanding your income without pressing your schedule or your mind to the brink of imploding.

5 Top Reasons Why People Hire Virtual Fitness Coach

Have you ever heard of the term “virtual fitness coach”? Just like a personal trainer in the gym who will closely monitor your workout sessions, this type of coach will serve as your personal coach. The only difference is that you will not have a face-to-face interaction- it will all be done through consultations and communications online.

Amp Up Your Personal Fitness Training with a Virtual Fitness Coach

First up, let us take a look at the role that a virtual fitness coach plays on your personal physical training so that you can have a head start with meeting your workout goals.

These days, a lot of people find it difficult to squeeze in some serious workout time to have serious workout sessions, what with all the things that they have to do at work at home. Let’s take a working mother as an example.

Rather than spending her time on personal fitness training sessions in the gym, she would rather work out at home so that she can watch over the kids while doing it. If she does it this way, there is a big possibility that she will not meet her weight loss goals because she does not have the benefit of having a personal trainer or instructor working beside her.

This is where a virtual coach for your workout sessions comes in. By hiring one, she can enjoy all the benefits of having a personal trainer in the gym – while having the freedom to workout at home.

Enumerating the Top 5 Reasons Why It Pays to Hire a Virtual Fitness Coach

So what are the top 5 reasons why it pays to hire a coach for your workout sessions? Take a look at the following list:

  1. A virtual fitness coach will help you evaluate your current level of being fit on the onset of the training program.
  2. Once your initial strength level is determined, an instructor will be able to help you create a personalized fitness training program so that you can reach your weight loss goals.
  3. This type of coach can double up as a morale booster, to give you the encouragement you need when you are lagging in your personal training program.
  4. A virtual fitness coach is the best motivator for you to pursue your weight loss goals.
  5. Unlike hiring a personal trainer in the gym, seeking the help of this type of a coach is usually more cost-effective.