Fitness Coach Certification

Coaching Certification – What On Earth Is It, Is It Important, And Who Are The Players?

Hang around life coaches and it won’t be long before you hear talk about the International Coach Federation (ICF) and life coaching certification. What, you ask, is certification? And…how does one get certified to help people with their lives?

To answer that…we first need a little background.

A (very) brief story of the Origins of Coaching

The phenomenon called ‘coaching’ really began in the early 1990s when Thomas Leonard – a product of the 1970s Human Potential movement – invented the life coaching profession and founded the first training program, CoachU.

Leonard was instrumental in creating the International Coach Federation (ICF) – the largest coaching professional association today (and the main certifying body) – as well as the International Association of Coaching (IAC).

What is this thing called ‘certification’ anyway?

Life coaching certification is a process through which a coach demonstrates the willingness and ability to meet certain standards of the profession. Certification is NOT licensing.

As of the current moment, you are not required to get certified to coach and many (including myself) think it’s largely a waste of time and money especially for coaches just getting started. Continue reading

Becoming a Personal Fitness Coach – The Internet Way! Huh?

Becoming a personal fitness coach for many starting about 2 years ago has a whole different kind of twist to it, if you are speaking about doing it online. In the online model which is quite revolutionary one is just designated as a “personal coach”. Technology such as the internet has provided huge opportunities for people to get fit, stay fit and make some serious cash along the way.

Special Note: If you are one of those you are looking for a personal fitness coach then might I suggest looking into becoming a personal fitness coach for yourself and look at the potential of helping other get fit as you are getting fit.

We all have recommended a product or service to someone along the way in life. This is no different! The idea is that since you are getting fit and healthy, you can become a shining star example to others and get compensated for it!

No Special Education: No special degrees, education or certifications are required for becoming a personal fitness coach and the extra income that it could generate for you can be represented by quite a dramatic increase in income to you bank account!

24 hour Product Store: The true power behind taking advantage of what the internet now offers is that you will also be provided with a 24 hour fully operational store for your customers to buy from. And, of course you can buy you health product and a severe discount, since it is your store!

Ready to Go Help: For you as well as others that you may refer they will have access to online menus, diets, special insider tips, videos and a whole array of fitness and help oriented products, goods and services that could you and your customers get blow out result!

An Income for You: Most such opportunities pay you on the basis that as long as you have customers buying from you, they are permanently yours! But, hold on a minute it could get even better for you!

Customers Provided: Yes, you read that right! IF you qualify some of these new and refreshing opportunities give you customers every month who are already buying product. This obviously is quite exceptional!

Business Coach Certificate – Starting a Business Coaching Company

Opportunities abound for people who want to become a coach in business. Companies are seeking out coaches more and more in these tough economic times to prevent business failures. The training courses for the coach certificate cover not only the skills to successfully execute the processes of a coach in business, but also tips on how to find clients and get them to hire you. Some courses teach a system that is highly successful at identifying potential clients, hooking them, and reeling them in. Of course, the main focus of the course is the business methods, models, processes, and formulas that have been proven successful in many areas of business. These are strategies that are easy to apply right away in your coaching business.

Another benefit of completing the training for a coaching positing in business is the knowledge gained in the area of interpersonal leadership. Business coaches deal with business leaders, such as company owners and CEO’s. They are people who are used to leading rather than being advised and directed. Care must be taken to establish a good relationship structure with the client that facilitates analysis, critique, and motivation to change. These courses also train students in communication skills, helping them to articulate effectively with clients. Communicating clearly makes the changes happen more efficiently. Just like in sports, part of the role of a business coach is to encourage and motivate the client. To do this, you must speak the business lingo, and the classes help students become conversant in business leadership language.

Building a successful business coaching company takes more than just business coaching skills. The business coach certificate training teaches effective processes for running the business of coaching businesses. Effectively using your time makes a more productive company. Business coaches also need to apply their expertise to their own business periodically. Assessing the processes and methods you are using and making adjustments for efficiency is essential. A certified coach in business can put their credentials on their business cards, resumes, and websites.

Getting your business coaching certificate and launching a career as a business coach is a four step process. The first is to find the training course that is a good fit for you. Online offerings give the most flexibility for someone who is already working full time. Second, complete the course, using the study resources, as well as the actual teaching sessions. The third step is taking the qualifying exam. After passing that test and acquiring your certificate, you can focus on the fourth step, building your client roster and sustaining a successful company.

12 Benefits of Basketball Coaching Certification

The question of why the gap has been closed in international basketball is a pressing one. The United States once dominated international and Olympic play. Those days are gone as our coaching structure leaves a lot to be desired. The quality of our coaching has deteriorated, therefore other countries have made great progress due to a motivated coaching movement. Coaching certification for basketball coaches was once just a topic for discussion. It has become an urgent topic and must be seriously be considered by the United States coaching community.

This article addresses the benefits of a coaching certification. Following the lead of countries such as Canada and the UK, the following list represents a good reason for us to follow.

12 Benefits of a Basketball Coach Certification program


  1. By becoming certified you will increase your knowledge of the game of basketball.
  2. You will immediately be part of a small group of certified trainers to facilitate your learning and application of the game. Your knowledge will be sought by other coaches.
  3. Certification will prepare you to run your own training program or youth basketball camps.
  4. A comprehensive learning approach with a classroom setting and on floor setting will enhance your learning curve.
  5. 12 hours of learning will equal the amount of learning gained in several coaching clinics.
  6. Can be completed in a 2 or 3 day period to fit your schedule and other responsibilities.
  7. You can add references to your resume to grow your coaching network.
  8. Your will gain access to hundreds of coaching contacts in high school, college and NBA basketball.
  9. You will begin to compile your coaching philosophy in your own “Black Book” of coaching.
  10. You will demonstrate initiative and enhance job prospects.
  11. For the cost on ONE Nike clinic you will exposed to every part of the game from a teaching and philosophical standpoint.
  12. You will develop your own coaching philosophy, techniques and methods of teaching the game.


The main step to take in this process has to come from those in leadership roles. The National Association of Basketball Coaches, the NBA, the NCAA, and the thousands of coaching associations around the country must all embrace this effort toward improving basketball coaching. Until we do our game will continue to struggle for identify and quality.

Fitness Training Certification – The Key to Stay Fit!

Are you one of those who enjoy staying fit and healthy? If you are among them, enrolling yourself to a fitness training certification will be a great idea for you. If you will try having training in fitness certification, you will gain knowledge and skills about how to stay healthy and firm with one’s body. Once you become certified, you will have more opportunities to be employed in different fitness training center as an instructor. You can also have chances to be hired as a aerobics instructor, an athlete coach, and even a fitness trainer because many believe that people like you has the skills on how to maintain proper posture and a good figure through your fitness training.

Many wanted to stay sexy, but it does not mean that you have to risk your health. With Fitness Training Certification, you will gain that knowledge on how to stay firm with your figure but you can stay healthy as well. Training in the field of fitness has different types, there are also several institutions who offer Fitness Certification Program, and it is up to you to choose where to enroll yourself in order to become certified Fitness Trainer. When you took and graduated a certain certification program, you can have the chance to work in a variety of health and fitness centers or field. You will have the chance to help other people who are wishing to have a healthy body and of good figure as well.

If you are interested in staying with good looking figure and as well as helping others to do the same, then you can take a Fitness Training Certification and get certified in order to start a good practice of profession by helping many people to stay firm and healthy. Starting searching for good training programs where you can start learning on how to become a good fitness instructor and become certified later on