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Golden Ball to Lionel Messi

MessiAfter the devastating loss of Argentina to Germany, all was not lost as Argentinian Lionel Messi was awarded with the 2014 World Cup Adidas Golden Ball Award. This Best Player Award came with much speculation as critiques deemed Messi to be undeserving of the accolade.

The Argentinian forward was gauged and compared to other players like Javier Mascherano one of his teammates, Thomas Muller from Germany, Manuel Neuer from Germany, Arjen Robben from Holland, James Rodriguez from Columbia and Bastian Schweinsteiger from Germany. Needless to say Messi was still awarded the title despite the negative press that he garnered upon winning.

It was during the group stages when Messi‘s star shined through as he was able to provide his team with a total of four goals. These goals were all from their games against Bosnia, Iran and Nigeria, all during the early stages of the World Cup competition.

Amidst contributing a lot for Argentina at the early stages of the World Cup games, Messi‘s star somehow fell and lost its magic. This was exemplary during the knockout stages during the times when team Argentina competed against Belgium, Germany, Holland and Switzerland, somehow Messi bolted out of synch and was losing his touch at this stage of competition.

At the World Cup Finals match against Germany, Messi was able to have several chances to score for his team yet his efforts were all in vain. The Barcelona player was somehow out of groove and was not able to contribute as much as he really wanted.

The Adidas Golden Ball Award being awarded to Messi has created gossip and major speculation saying that it is a marketing strategy for Adidas since the Argentinian football start is their ambassador. And to put more damage to the issue it was FIFA’s Technical Committee who decided the win and not the media.

Regardless of speculation the Best Player Award was handed to Messi – somehow a bit of a consolation prize for his team’s loss.

2014 World Cup: Argentinian Di Maria Health Scare


Hoping to reach the World Cup Finals, Argentina looks forward to Angel Di Maria’s soonest recovery as they face the Netherlands for the semi-finals.

Tests were done yesterday to see what has happened to Di Maria as he strained his hamstring during their last game against Belgium – one that resulted in their 1-0 victory, leading them straight into the semis.

According to reports however, doctors have seen Di Maria to be unfit to play for the team as he has suffered a pulled leg muscle, making him benched for the time being and more so for their game against the Dutch.

Di Maria being unable to play for Argentina is a big misfortune for the team as he, along with Lionel, are the key players for the team, especially now that they are appearing for the first time in the semis since 1990.

True enough it was Di Maria’s assist that made the game winning score against Belgium last Saturday, as he helped to set up Gonzalo Higuain’s only goal for the match.

The same winning performance from Di Maria was also seen as he helped his teammates survive and surpass their game against Switzerland.

Team Argentina is looking forward to Di Maria’s quick and full recovery as he is set to be one of the main players that keep the team at its best performance and contributes greatly to their victory.

In the case that Argentina gets the best advantage to move on to the finals, the team is expecting great participation from Di Maria and wishes his rest and recuperation is enough.

Reviews have been positive that team Argentina will surely get another improved chance for the finals match once Di Maria gets to go back in the pitch.