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Coaching Certification – What On Earth Is It, Is It Important, And Who Are The Players?

Hang around life coaches and it won’t be long before you hear talk about the International Coach Federation (ICF) and life coaching certification. What, you ask, is certification? And…how does one get certified to help people with their lives?

To answer that…we first need a little background.

A (very) brief story of the Origins of Coaching

The phenomenon called ‘coaching’ really began in the early 1990s when Thomas Leonard – a product of the 1970s Human Potential movement – invented the life coaching profession and founded the first training program, CoachU.

Leonard was instrumental in creating the International Coach Federation (ICF) – the largest coaching professional association today (and the main certifying body) – as well as the International Association of Coaching (IAC).

What is this thing called ‘certification’ anyway?

Life coaching certification is a process through which a coach demonstrates the willingness and ability to meet certain standards of the profession. Certification is NOT licensing.

As of the current moment, you are not required to get certified to coach and many (including myself) think it’s largely a waste of time and money especially for coaches just getting started. Continue reading

The Crossfit Training

Crossfit has gained massive levels of popularity in the last 5-7 years. Crossfit is basically a 20 minute workout in which you will often have 30-40 minutes of warm-up due to the intensity and pressure you put your body under within the Twenty minutes going full blast. It’s made to give you endurance, strength and explosiveness all in simple and tough workout.They use lot of different tools such as the sledgehammer, compound bodybuilding exercises, running, kettlebels, rowing machines etc. Crossfit is all about functionality and just how you can get the greatest results within the shortest quantity of time. Regardless of what shape you’re in you are certain to be pushed and obtain out of your safe place within the 20 minutes because of the fact the program is individualized to push everyone to the limit.They usually make use of a program called WOD which basically means the job out of the day. The WOD changes constantly and also you don’t know what sort of exercises you will be performing until you actually get to the class itself.Crossfit is actually great if you are searching to burn massive amounts of fat while keeping/building muscle so that as an added bonus you’re going to get a lot stronger and faster than you was once. Lots of mma fighters and athletes from different sports decide to supplement your regular training with crossfit because of the great results they achieve.It’s a excellent way to get your pulse up and could be the perfect choice for you without having a lot of time or have a hard time pushing you to ultimately the limit much more the gym. Continue reading