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Home Gyms and Exercise Equipment – Things to Consider Before Buying

Almost every person who sets out to buy or considers buying any type of home gym, fitness or exercise equipment, has been exposed to repeated and often long term advertising by the exercise and fitness equipment industry. Many people are enticed into buying expensive home gyms by images of very fit men, along with fit and sexy women working out on these machines. The message clearly is that you too can look like the men and women in the commercial if you will just buy one of their home gyms, or their particular piece of exercise equipment.

According to fitness equipment industry records, last year alone saw over 3 billion dollars being spent on fitness and exercise equipment of which 1 billion was spent on treadmills, (it is unknown how much of this exercise equipment was for the home.) These numbers are only for the U.S., not the rest of the world. Now that was just last year. How much has been spent each year for the last 25 or 30 years. I will save those statistics for a different day, but you and I both know it must be many billions of dollars. Remember, this is just on fitness and exercise equipment, not diet food, diet pills, or other weight loss programs.

So why is it that with billions of dollars spent on exercise equipment every year in the U.S., obesity rates have continued to climb each and every year, (according to the CDC there are signs that the obesity rate may finally be starting to level off.) Obesity is still the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States. Certainly we know that there is no single reason for why nearly 97 million Americans are overweight, but what is happening with the billions of dollars of exercise and fitness equipment being sold every year in this country?

Well I would venture to guess that almost every single person reading this article can think of at least one friend or relatives home that currently has some type of home gym, treadmill, or other piece of fitness equipment setting unused in the corner, the garage, or back patio gathering dust. You know it is not being used because it has stuff stacked all around it or on top of it. In many cases it was you who bought the home gym or exercise equipment only to use it a mere handful of times before it became idle. Hey I am not perfect, I did this repeatedly over a period of 10 to 15 years! And I’ve been to the homes of friends and family, with the home gyms and treadmills rusting away in the corner.

It is not my intent or the intent of this article to persuade anyone from purchasing any piece of exercise equipment. But understand this. There is one thing that does not come with your home gym. There is one thing that the exercise and fitness equipment manufacturers cannot sell you. In fact they cannot even give it to you, and that is an exercise or workout habit! Buying a home gym will have no effect on your workout habit. Would you like me to prove it to you?

The floor under your feet is absolutely free. Have you dropped down to the floor today and knocked out 25 pushups? Have you done this 4 times today, 4 times yesterday, and every day for the past 30 days? Have you worked the largest muscle group in your body (legs) by knocking out 25 to 30 squats, using only your body weight,? Have you done this 2-3 times a day every day for the past 30 days? If the answer is no, yet you are about to purchase a home gym or other piece of fitness equipment, then the exercise equipment manufacturers have been successfully convinced you that buying their exercise equipment is going to cause you to lose weight and get in shape without much effort. Sorry for the brutal honesty, but this is why exercise equipment is stacked up all over the planet gathering dust. If you are not using what is free, and available to you now, to work your body, what makes you think you will use a piece of expensive exercise equipment?

If you are going to spend your hard earned money on a home gym or piece of fitness equipment, please do yourself a favor and develop a workout habit. It is the workout habit that will make the difference in whether you ever reach your weight loss and fitness goals, not a piece of equipment. You can have the body that you want, you are just going to have to work for it. Awesome!